Pen Orders

Payment must be made prior to starting custom orders, including all pens. While we do maintain a small inventory of pens for display and handling, the vast majority are customized and therefore unique for each order.

Special/Other Orders

If you'd like something that is not shown below (there are hundreds of pen kits available on the market and an even larger variety of wood and acrylic pen blanks), please send a note through the Contact Page and we'll work it out together. Custom orders are always welcome and allow you to share your creativity.

Custom Pens

There are hundreds of pen kits and thousands of pen blanks available. If you want a custom pen designed, please use our Contact Page and we'll work it out together. We are happy to accommodate nearly any request with competitive prices and excellent quality.

Sierra Style Pens

The Sierra family of pen kits has become one of the most popular pen kits worldwide. The Sierra trademark belongs to Berea hardwoods, but a variety of high quality clones are available under the Gatsby, Wall Street, Monet, Monarch, etc. names. Unless specifically requested otherwise, we may use a Sierra clone kit to accommodate a specific plating selection. The clones selected are of similar quality, functionality and pricing as the Sierra kits.

Low, Medium and High grades are strictly based on cost, not quality. For platings, acrylic blanks and most wood blanks, some are simply more expensive than others and I am merely passing the cost from the manufacturer along. For some wood blanks, such as oak, the hardness of the wood takes longer to get to final shape, as well as causing more wear and tear on the tools and/or supplies used throughout the pen making process. For Cocobolo, there is an inherent allergen risk that requires changing breathing filters before and after working with it, and cleanup of the shop area is done immediately afterward to minimize any reactions. For Purpleheart, an additional heating process is used to turn the wood from a medium brown to a vibrant purple. For wood blanks made from whiskey barrels, such as Jack Daniel's, the wood is charred oak, making it extremely hard on tools, and the boutique nature of the brand makes the purchase price higher, as well.

Sierra style pens use Parker style ink refills

Please select a Plating and a Blank for each order. You can mix and match Platings levels and Blank levels. If you are placing multiple orders, I will contact you via email to identify which Platings go with which Blanks.

All prices include shipping within USA.

Featured Pens

Mother Earth on
Sierra Gold
Mother Earth on Sierra Gold

Price: $45

Mother Earth on Sierra Gold was created for a wedding in the summer of 2018. The chosen venue was a beach house on the shores of Lake Michigan where the deep green and blue sparkle of the pen would be right at home. The bride and groom were presented with this gift to sign their marriage license.

Desert Ironwood on
Sierra Satin Chrome
Mother Earth on Sierra Gold

Price: $47

Desert Ironwood on Elegant Sierra Satin Chrome was created for a retired local woodworker. Skip clearly still loved his tools and it was nice to hear some of his story while I visited. The Desert Ironwood has a golden orange and deep brown that will be a reminder of the many wood projects Skip has completed over the years.

Black Ice on
Sierra Platinum
Mother Earth on Sierra Gold

Price: $58

Black Ice on Sierra Platinum combines a premium Kirinite blank with a premium Sierra Platinum plating for a friend in California. Jim and I attended the same high school in the early 1980's and ended up discussing pens on Facebook one evening with another friend. The deep black Kirinite has a stunning coloring with vibrant reflection that inspires confidence for any business professional.

À La Carte Sierra Pen Ordering

Please feel free to Contact Us for any questions.

Plating - Please choose one Plating per pen


Price: $21


Price: $24


Price: $27

Blank - Please choose one Wood or Acrylic blank per pen

Wood Blanks

Price: $22


Price: $24


Price: $26

Acrylic Blanks

Price: $22


Price: $27


Price: $32

Funline Pens

The Funline pen offers great value at a low price.
Base woods: Cedar, Maple
Premium woods: Oak, Walnut
Platings: Gold, Chrome, Copper, Gun Metal, Satin Gold, Satin Pearl

Oak is a premium wood due to its hardness, which is tougher on tools and takes more time to shape, sand, polish and buff.
Walnut is a premium wood due to its purchase price.
Funline pens use Cross style ink refills

Cedar Pen

Shown: Copper plating.

Price: $20 (includes shipping within USA)

Maple Pen

Shown: Gold plating.

Price: $20 (includes shipping within USA)

Oak Pen

Shown: Satin Pearl plating.

Price: $25 (includes shipping within USA)

Walnut Pen

Shown: Gun Metal plating.

Price: $25 (includes shipping within USA)

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