Sign Orders

Since signs are such a broad category, we understand that your request may not be covered by the form below. In that case, we suggest using our Contact Form to provide information about your sign. You are welcome to leave a phone number in the Messages section and we will call back to discuss the details.

Family, Homestead, Scenic

We've recently added Family, Homestead and scenic signs to our list of products. These are created with a CNC router on a variety of woods. We also have a selection of imagery available. The first sign is made with maple, using a bass in the center. We can also make it with a bear, duck, eagle, moose or rooster.

We do not offer painting for the 3-D scenes since the details are best with the natural colors of the wood and the ability to paint at the level is best left to a very skilled painter. We always provide a few clear coats for protection unless specifically requested otherwise. If you would like the 3-D images painted, please let us know not to provide a clear coat and ask your painter to handle that as part of the painting/finishing process.

Wedding Keepsake

My wife, Reverend Rhonda Schienle, provides custom and themed wedding services. One of her recent weddings had some beautifully painted wooden keepsakes that the guests could sign using paint sharpies. She asked if I could do a version of this with my own spin. I'm more tool-oriented and much less paint-oriented, so I came up with what you see above.

For the first two images, the detail engraving of the names, date and rings is done with a rotary tool called a palm router, which is in between a tiny Dremel and a full-size router. The lettering and artwork was transferred from printer to wood, then carefully routed about 3/16" deep into the top of the circular board using a profiling bit with the palm router. The first background was created using a dimple pattern in the wood with a 90 degree V bit. A new version was made with a flat background using a spiral up-cut bit. The backgrounds are made with a full size router that is better suited to removing larger amounts of material than the palm router.

The wood was stained in a dark walnut and white paint pens were provided for the guests to sign their names on the front. Surprisingly, the couple and guests loved the front as is and they signed the back, instead.

For the last two images, a CNC machine is used to generate the sign. A CNC machine is a computer-controlled router in this case. The information is put into a special software program which operates in two phases. The first phase is for the design, where you lay out the text and graphics much like a typical drawing program. The second phase is for tool selection, where you pick out the router bits, assign speeds and feeds (how fast the router bit spins and how fast the router moves across the wood), depth of cuts, etc., and write those out as programs files. The program files are then loaded into the computer controlling the router, the wood is locked down and the router cuts out the design.

Novelty Signs

We are happy to make novelty signs for any occasion. Do you have a favorite saying or a family quote that needs to have a prominent display? We love humorous signs and welcome the opportunity to create them.

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