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Customized Clock

Rhonda's friend, Felicia, moved into a new house with her husband and children. Rhonda asked if I could make a wall clock as a housewarming gift for them, which I was happy to oblige. It is made with cedar and is about 16" x 16". The clock portion is about 7 1/2" in diameter. The family names were freehand routed using a Palm Router and a Profile bit. They were then spray painted black, and the external paint sanded away, leaving the names in black. The edge treatment was done using a cove bit and painted black. Three coats of polyurethane were added with a 320 grit sanding between each one. This leaves a very smooth finish with a hint of rustic appearance created with a few light touches with a belt sander.

I used an atomic clock mechanism, which was a first for me. After it set itself to the current time, I realized it was off by a couple hours. After another glance at the directions, I moved a switch to the correct timezone and recorded the clock resetting itself.

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