Fine Writing Instruments (Pens)

Below is a small sample of the fine writing instruments, or pens, we have created. As shown, they are made from a variety of materials, typically wood or acrylic, and are assembled with antique copper, platinum, gold, and many other materials. Most of the metals are polished, while many are available in satin, as well. The pens have several coats of finish applied, which is buffed to a beautiful shine.

Each pen is hand-made using a variety of tools, with a wood lathe handling the bulk of the work. Pen blanks (wood or acrylic body) and pen kits (metallic nibs, caps, mechanical and writing components) are paired, the blanks are cut, drilled, glued, turned, sanded, polished, finished, then buffed. Finally, the finished blank is assembled with the pen kit and a final quality check and cleaning is performed.

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