Signs are typically ordered as a rectangle with squared off edges, but we also offer live-edge (rounded edges as naturally found along the edge of the tree used for the sign) whenever we can. Generally speaking, wood with a squared edge is referred to as a board, and with a live-edge is referred to as a slab. Intuitively, it would seem the live-edge requires less work to create and should be cheaper. In practice, a live-edge slab is more difficult to locate, especially in the right species and size required for a specific sign. It also takes more effort to strip away bark and sand the edge down so it still maintains the shape of the tree and looks natural than if you merely squared it up and cut it. Most sawyers will not take the time to set aside specific slabs for a project and tend to cut a tree to common sizes requested by the market. While live-edge wood is popular, it is a minuscule amount of the wood produced and therefore is not available at the vast majority of hardwood suppliers. Because of the challenges in locating and often storing these slabs for long periods of time, our optional live-edge signs have a premium price.

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